2013 Summer Reading Composition Contest: Changing Games

Jane McGonigalThe Office of Liberal Education and the Howe Writing Center invite Miami’s newest students, members of the Class of 2017, to enter a composition contest based on the book selected for this year’s Summer Reading Program, Jane McGonigal’s Reality Is Broken. All other Miami students, faculty, and staff are welcome to post their compositions as well.

In Reality Is Broken, McGonigal tells us how the power of games can be used to shape us and the world around us.  We invite you to submit a composition (in written, digital, or other forms) about a game you have played, do play, or would like to play and its impact.

We hope that these compositions will help the Miami University community explore ways they already experience the power of games and describe how this power can be used to change their lives and, perhaps, lives around them.

You can participate in this exploration in the following ways:

$200 Prizes for New Students

To welcome the Class of 2017, we are offering 3 prizes of $200 each for the best “Changing Games” compositions by incoming first-year students. Students at all Miami campuses are eligible for prizes. The contest opens June 2, 2013. Deadline: October 11, 2013 (11:59 pm).

Winners will be featured on the website of the Howe Writing Center. Prizes are gift certificates to the University Bookstore. This contest is sponsored by Miami’s Howe Writing Center and the Office of Liberal Education.

All Members of the Miami Community Are Invited

Although the prizes in this contest are exclusively for members of the Class of 2017, we encourage all Miami students, faculty, staff, alumni/ae, and family members to enrich the conversation by sharing their own compositions.

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