International Student Writing Contest

International Students: Enter our International Student Writing Contest!

The Howe Writing Center, the American Culture and English Program, and International Students and Scholars Services invite all Miami international students to enter a writing contest based on your unique perspective as an international student at Miami. We hope these compositions will teach all of us more about the rich experiences and ideas of the many international students, coming from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, who are part of our Miami community.

We offer cash awards in 3 categories:

  • ACE students:                      $500 first prize, 2 additional $250 prizes
  • 1st and 2nd year students:   $500 first prize, 2 additional $250 prizes
  • 3rd year and up:                  $500 first prize, 2 additional $250 prizes

Deadline: November 7, 2014 (11:59 pm).

Winners will be announced in early spring semester, be featured on the Howe Writing Center website, and be honored at a luncheon.


You can participate in the contest by writing an essay of 800-1200 words based on any one of the following prompts:


We all want to be successful and appreciated for what we do. As a student studying abroad, what is your idea of success? In what circumstances would you consider yourself a successful person?What are some challenges to achieving success at this stage in your life? How are you overcoming them?

Exchanging learning experiences

Parents, teachers, and many others here at Miami and in your home country may have talked about how much you will learn—and how much you are expected to learn—about the United States. However, domestic students in the US also have the unique opportunity to learn from you. In your view, what can you teach your domestic peers about your cultural background and your life as an international student?

Home can be many things

The word “home” often takes on new meanings for people living and moving in multiple cultural contexts. International students belong to this ever-increasing group of global dwellers. Coming from a multicultural background himself, travel writer Pico Iyer has described “home” in new ways, for example, when he writes that home “has less to do with a piece of soil than with a piece of soul,” or when he characterizes home as a “work in progress,” a “project” that people build for themselves. Taking into consideration Iyer’s ideas of home, explore your own position in today’s world: What do you consider home and why? Where do you see your home(s) now and in the future?


We look forward to reading your essays!

For instructions on submitting your essay, click here.

This contest is sponsored by the Howe Writing Center, the American Culture and English Program (ACE), and International Students and Scholars Services (ISSS).